Meet the Ladies

In rows from back - Left to Right: Nimmo, Sonia, Subhadra, Maya(2), Shreasta, Beena, Meena
Shivani (Sonia`s daughter), Saroj, Indrahar, Perkasi, Maya
Usha, Shukuntala
Veena, Riya (Veena`s daughter), Lalita, Nishi (Lalita`s daughter

This is Maria - she doesn`t make rugs - she is our most avid fan! Besides being our most prolific buyer to date, Maria is invaluable with her assistance as translator between the ladies and Bridget. Often called upon at short notice, she has never refused yet, to come and help us out! She is a loyal and enthusiastic supporter, with a keen and genuine interest in the group`s welfare and short - a little Treasure! And besides that - she makes the most wonderful Chocolate cake....Mmmmm..

This is Shreasta She`s a little uncertain about what exactly she should DO with it...but it seems like fun and she`s going to have a go!!

....And here she is dressed to go home in the monsoon rain!