Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy customers!

Below is Sarah who commissioned this monogram as a  gift for her sister!
Meena is just finishing the design, after which it will be cut so that the letters are distinct..

Sarah liked her sister`s rug so much that she commissioned one for herself which was completed by Shreasta:see below.

The two dogs that these rugs were commissioned for were doggie delighted with theirs!!

Below is a delighted Elise with Muskhan (Meena`s Daughter) trying out the newly completed red rug (5ftX3ft) that she commissioned, and which was made by Beena!!

Elise was so pleased with her red rug that she requested two identical Celtic knotwork rugs as pictured below. One each was made by Lalita and Meena.

Cerri was very happy with her rug bordered with `jeans `fabric and completed by Anita.

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  1. Relax feel with soft rugs. I appreciate of these all pictures. I think these are all wool rugs.